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   Implant Metal Reaction-Allergy
          and Implant Rejection

Surgical metals,glues and resins used for hip replacements, knee
replacements and even dental implants can cause your immune system
to react to the metals and cause rejection or severe swelling and or
surface skin reaction

We have an extensive panel of metals and glues to test for  
sensitivity to joint replacements and dental implants

A range of substances can be used for patch testing. There are set
panels that we use, TrueTest, but empty wells will be used to test for
your own products at times. Contact dermatitis is different from
allergies, it develops over several days after exposure and goes on for
days or weeks.

Therefore, patch tests are placed and left on for several days and read
at 2,3 and 7 days to evaluate if a reaction develops.
Further testing may be necessary. Patch tests do not always explain
the cause of a dermatitis.