Dr. Harris is  a Fellow of the American College of Allergy,Asthma and Immunology and is board  
certified by the ABAI and recertified in 2008 and 2018. He has been in practice as an  
allergist-immunologist for over 30 years.  

His personal philosophy of practice is as follows

" Every day we use our experience and knowledge to give the best possible care to every patient
regardless of what kind of coverage they have. More importantly a doctor should care about patients
and choose to spend ample time with each and every one. The doctor needs to take the medical
history, not an assistant or by completing a form,it gives us time to ask the questions that are between
the lines and explain and educate our patients. The staff should be friendly and patient and explain
everything as they perform tests and other studies. We know we have a commitment  to  every patient
to spend time to help them understand the causes of their problems as well as how they feel about it."

Dr. Harris is  the Chief of the Adult Allergy Clinic, Cedars Sinai Medical Center Ambulatory Care.
He has presented and published over 25 abstracts in medical journals.  .  He taught as a volunteer
faculty for many years as an Assistant Clinical Professor at USC school of medicine where he taught
doctors in fellowship training to become Allergist Immunologists.

He has been named to Who's Who and in
the consumer publication  
 "Guide to America's Top Physicians"