We tentatively plan to  expand office hours in July but conditions
                  may change so please check back

      Dr. Harris does Telemedicine/Televideo visits every day
                 to be sure our patients are taken care of

We will be implementing several measures to keep our staff and our
 patients safe as we start to reopen our office.

1)  We are limiting the number of patients and staggering patient
appointments to allow for physical distancing.No families or guests are
allowed except for parents or guardians of pediatric patients.

2)  Every patient must wear a mask to enter, if not we will either provide
one (if we have them) or ask you to come back.

3)  Elevator: try to avoid entering elevators with more than one other rider
or use the stairs if physically able to.

4) Our staff will be wearing masks, protective clothing and washing hands

5) Upon arrival, temperature will be taken and patients will be placed in an
exam room right away

6) Patients with upper respiratory symptoms (ie cough, fever, chills, body
aches) will have a Telemedicine appointment, not in office.

7) We will indefinitely continue to offer Telemedicine visits for followups
yearly rechecks, non sick visits, prescription renewals and all new
patient consults. Patients have voiced that they like Telemedicine and
and prefer to have these visits permanently.
8) Patients who have had their Telemed New Patient Consult will be given
appointments to come in for a testing visit and a followup appointment
in the office.
9)  All injection (allergy shot or injectable) patients must schedule an
appointment. We always have asked patients to wait after their shots but
will now ask if they will please wait downstairs in their cars for 20 minutes
after the shot visit ( to be close by in case of a reaction).  
It is now the recommended standard of practice that all shot patients
have an Epinephrine Pen ( Epi-Pen or equivalent).We will be prescribing
them for new patients and our existing patients.
       As established by the American Academy of
         Allergy Asthma and Clinical Immunology